Pricing is a very important factor for any service. Our pricing is depends upon the complexity of work, volume and turnaround requirement etc. We will quote you most comprehensively based on the resources that we are utilizing for the particular project. We can work out on the different pricing packages like per unit basis, hourly basis and man month basis etc.

Different Pricing Models

Unit based/Per Record based

Our most of the client prefers Unit based pricing model as this model will suits almost all type of projects. If the volume of work is specific for the given project, then this price model will helps you make an estimate of the total project cost.

Before providing you the Unit based/Per record based price, we will do a small sample test run in free of cost based on the sample inputs provided by you and we will send you the sample output for your review and feedback. Once you confirm the sample output, then we will evaluate the hourly productivity and based on the productivity, we will send you the Unit/Record based quote

Hourly based

We offer an hourly price for any of your smaller projects if the time for the task completion date is unsure. Where you have the flexibility of being charged for the actual number of hours worked on. This ideally suits your high but fluctuating outsourcing needs.

Man month based

We offer man month based price, if you have enough volume of work and the project is ongoing in nature. We will place enough number of full time dedicated person(s) exclusively for your project. The dedicated person will work 8 active hours in a day – Monday thru Friday – 165 hours a month. The person will work on your preferred timing.

Fixed Price

For considerably small or one time projects with fixed volume and description of work, we offer fixed prices for the assignments/project.