EMERGING BPO INTERNATIONALprovides you all type of online and offline data entry services with high accuracy, quality and fast turnaround time. We believe data is one of the main aspects of every organization for getting best results and development of a business.

All data will be placed and processed in a highly secured environment. To safe guard clients commercial interest is one of our prime commitments towards building a long term business relationship. With our strict Non-Disclosure and data protection agreement all your confidential documents remains safe with our team members.

EMERGING BPO INTERNATIONALprovides all type of data entry from scanned images, handwritten & printed hard copies, websites, manuscripts, business card, various types of forms etc. We accept input data in any format and final output format could be give any format as preferred by our client.

Data Entry Services

  • Image Data Entry
  • Catalogue Data Entry
  • Data Entry of E-books
  • Legal Document Data Entry
  • Insurance Claim Form Entry
  • Survey Form Data Entry
  • Medical Forms Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Invoices
  • Purchase Orders Entry
  • Data Entry of Directories
  • Patient Record Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Websites
  • Business Card Data Entry
  • Data Entry of Utility Bills

Data Processing

Data processing services involve the conversion of the data into the preferred format. Our Data Processing division takes care of all your needs from Check Processing, Insurance Claims, Medical Forms, Market Research Forms, Rebate Forums and Surveys & Questionnaires. We accept data in all formats and deliver you the processed data in the format you need. We do provide following data processing services:

  • Survey Form Processing
  • Insurance Claim Form Processing
  • Data Cleansing
  • OCR Cleanup
  • Data Mining
  • Image Processing

Data Conversion

Data conversion is a comprehensive process, which involves the cleansing and validation of the data, and then converting it into the preferred format which is specified by the client. The Data Conversion unit utilizes the latest technology to convert data from one format to another such as Book Conversions, XML, HTML, OCR and Document Conversion.

  • Data Conversion
  • Book Conversion
  • Catalogue Conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • Document Conversion

Transcription Services

We offer affordable transcription services that will meet your deadline without breaking your budget. We do transcribe Interviews, dictation, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, panel discussions, and seminars. We offer transcription services for almost any audio format. Our transcription services focuses on the procedures that facilitate us to reach upto 98% accuracy and quality which leads to customer satisfaction.  We adopt various quality checks and auditing procedures to ensure that desired quality is delivered to our clients.
We accept a wide range of audio formats WAV, MP3, DSS (Olympus, Lanier and Grudging), WMA, DVF, etc as an input source.

Inventory Transcription
Our highly experienced and efficient personnel have an excellent understanding of your requirement and are comfortable with any template or report style. Knowing the importance of producing accurate Inventory reports, Check-in reports and check out reports and many other.

Academic Transcription
Academic transcription services have become very successful with universities, colleges, training institutions, research centers etc. It is required to convert those audio/visual files into a text format with which the students or even lecturers can review the classroom lectures in a conventional way.

Medical Transcription
Cost effective medical transcription services for transcribing operative reports, radiology reports, SOAP notes, discharge summaries or medical lectures. Our transcriptionists will convert your important audio input into clear and accurate text.

Business Transcription
Transcription of wide range of business activities such as meetings, seminars or conversations of Focus Groups, recorded talks, lectures, and/or interviews, Teleconferences, recorded ideas and thoughts to write Books/Manuscripts, Press Conferences.

Media Transcription
Whether it is a radio talk show, a news program, audio, video, interview or a TV show, our media transcription services can provide digital transcripts of the program. We offer media transcription support for a variety of programs performed in all sections of the media including Cinema, Television, Dramma and Radio.

Focus Group Transcription
Focus Group sessions are held to discuss on various subjects including the current and future market trends, research aspects and for that matter various other topics for which answers can be gathered from a focus group discussion. As there are many participants in such focus group sessions, accurate deciphering and transcribing of such discussions are all the more important.

Legal Transcription
Legal Transcription is the main area of expertise on which law firms, agencies, prosecutors, court reporters and attorneys depend a lot. By combining proven operational reliability with modern technology, online transcription services we assist law firms, legal agencies etc. in transcribing testimony pleadings, interrogatories, legal examinations, arbitrations, subpoenas, and reviews of administrative hearings, verbatim voice dictation, letter, opinion, court document, or testimony hearing.

Verbatim Transcription
This type of transcription is usually required by psychologists, university research programs, linguistic programs, for qualitative analysis and for interviews given in evidence for legal purposes. Verbatim transcriptions record all interjections, signs of emotions (coughs, sighs, chuckles, etc.), false starts and shifts in thought processes. This is done through a wide array of accepted transcription codes: uh, em, er, ah, hmm, you know, I mean, sort of, etc. Emotional expressions are usually expressed as: “laughing”, “sobbing uncontrollably”, “sighing”, “speaking softly” etc.

Our transcription services focuses on the procedures that facilitate us to reach upto 98% accuracy and quality which leads to customer satisfaction.  We adopt various quality checks and auditing procedures to ensure that desired quality is delivered to our clients.

Web Research

EMERGING BPO INTERNATIONAL offers web research in a variety of subject and areas. We have a very rich experienced team especially for web research projects. Our skilled Web Research team's core area of expertise is to provide solutions to different industries and businesses in Data Mining, Database Building, Market Research, Web Survey and Analysis, and Enhancement of Customer Lists.

  • Market Research
  • Business Information Research
  • Education Information Research
  • Management and Organizational
  • Validation of Addresses
  • Data base building

Scanning Indexing

EMERGING BPO INTERNATIONAL  provide all types of image scanning and indexing services. Our high quality outsourcing scanning and indexing services convert your data and images from paper records to existing computer files. The image scanning and indexing services we offer includes:

  • OCR / ICR 
  • Image Processing
  • Hand Written Data Capture 
  • Data Capture
  • Document Management System

DTP-In Design

The construction of the layout and the formatting of any printed documents prior to the actual printing. Typesetting, page composition and image handling.

Virtual Assistance

Personal assistant of client,from an offshore location.Working 8 hours a day dedicatedly for the client and executes the tasks assigned to him/her. This saves your lot of time, money, printing, writing, and mailing.